José Otero Freiría
Universidad de Stanford - Consultor Financiero en Parliament Capital Management

“The Foundation helped me solidify and fulfill my commitment to Puerto Rico. Thanks to them I was motivated to come back and develop my professional life here. I worked for many years in the private sector and afterwards I served as a leader in the public sector.”

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Glorimar Martínez Alicea
Universidad del Sagrado Corazón - Empresas y Finanzas

“With the support of the José Jaime Pierluisi Foundation I was able to attend Sacred Heart University and complete my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. I also received a second scholarship from the Foundation to complete my master’s degree in finance. Due to my preparation, I was able to succeed as Senior Risk Analyst at Banco Santander.

My academic preparation allowed me to pursue my ultimate dream: I established my own Theater Dance Group. Now I am fully dedicated to my organization and the children and youth of my community.”

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Denis Román
Universidad de Puerto Rico MBA - Miembro actual de la Junta de Directores de la Fundación Jose Jaime Pierluisi

“The Foundation’s mission is key for the economic development of Puerto Rico. When I became part of the Foundation, José Jaime’s words inspired me. Consequently, I decided that I had to do more for my community, so I founded “La Milla Extra” (The Extra Mile) Foundation with my friends.

Our non-profit, based in Quebradillas, supports professional youth and promotes networking. “La Milla Extra” also focuses on providing economic development opportunities and mentoring students at the High School level.”

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Erica Reyes
Universidad del Sagrado Corazón - Empresaria

Erika Reyes established her business, Café Cola’o, in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. Unlike other specialty shops, Café Cola’o offers its customers a selection of coffee beans to choose from. Afterwards, she founded the first Espresso Bartender (Barista) School in Puerto Rico. Recently, she was a key figure in the creation of the first Espresso Bartender School in the Dominican Republic.

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La Fundación fue establecida en memoria de José Jaime Pierluisi como reconocimiento a  su  honestidad,  inteligencia,  lealtad,  desprendimiento,  su  visión  de  progreso  y  el inquebrantable compromiso con que trabajó por Puerto Rico.

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